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CaseMax Success Stories

Rapid Implementation

Tucker Arensberg is proud to be the first Rapid Implementation Client for CaseMax, as we have been extremely happy with the CaseMax product and the level of service we have received during implementation.

We were able to start using CaseMax to manage casefiles within three months after selecting it as our new case management system and have seen major changes to the improvement in our workflow and the quality and quantity of work we are able to produce.  CaseMax has continued to give us a level of support that has been unparalleled, and we look forward to building and maintaining our relationship in the future.

– From Allison G, Law Firm practicing in Pennsylvania, New York & Maryland

The Best in the Business

We just finished a week long legal audit with a big client.  In our various conversations about CaseMax, the auditor used words like “fantastic”, “delightful”, “cutting edge”, “state of the art”, “flexible”, “responsive” and “competitive” with the best in the business. Some system issues raised in the first 2 days of audits were addressed by the following day. Having watched it in action, our client understands that all the issues raised have solutions.  CaseMax is helping us secure our most important relationships.

– From Eric W, Law Firm in Virginia

Productivity Improvements

Implementation of the CaseMax case management system has allowed us to realize productivity improvements and reduced error rates in key areas of our business. Our ability to take a proactive approach to client management, both in addressing file-level concerns and future areas of risk and development, has been made easier with the tools that CaseMax provides.

The robust workflow allows our firm to effectively  map tasks, increase accuracy, reduce duplication of efforts in multiple systems and greatly decrease our overall processing time. The product scales as needed and allows our firm to redeploy staff on demand. We have continued to refine our use of the product since our launch date and have found Casemax to be a receptive business partner.

Our experience so far makes us excited for future changes and those enhancements/developments which will only further enhance the existing efficiencies.

– From Adam J, IT Project Manager for a Law Firm practicing in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia & D.C.

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