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A Class of One

CaseMax – A revolutionary new way to look at case management for law firms handling defaulted loans. If you’re ready to stop managing your office through exception reports and daily checklists, then take a closer look at CaseMax. Bring your office into the 21st century with active, real-time workflow created for enterprise-level file processing.

Change Made Simple

Client directives can be overwhelming and at times, downright daunting. With little or no time to react, firms can find themselves backed into a corner in terms of compliance and implementation. CaseMax gives you the power to react quickly with minimal or no developer involvement. Changes are made by utilizing a robust business rules library and through effortless updates to workflow maps. CaseMax gives you the confidence that all regulations, policies and procedures can be addressed within a compressed amount of time. “Change Made Simple” exemplifies the rich features of CaseMax.


“Allows a firm to process thousands of tasks on a daily basis and still have plenty of runway left at the end of the day.”

Never before has the default loan industry been so regulated, so complex, and so fluid. Firms that still rely on passing out daily task reports or even worse yet, trading files between staff and attorneys, are destined for obsolescence. Only a workflow system that relies on sophisticated resource management will allow a firm to process thousands of tasks on a daily basis and still have plenty of runway left at the end of the day. CaseMax has a supercharged workflow engine that utilizes Business Process Management (BPM), the gold standard in complex role and task assignment systems.

No File Left Behind

Your clients are managing your files like never before. Monthly report cards and loan level audits are here to stay. Timelines, milestone management and investor accountability are the driving force behind law firm performance. File management is no longer a sideline event. Law firms must be keenly aware of the status of all files in the pipeline. CaseMax promotes and delivers on the concept of “no file left behind”. If your present case management system is about to fail the next “stress test”, then you should learn more about how CaseMax can provide efficiencies at many different levels of your operation.

Change the Way You Think About Automation

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