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Flexible Pricing

CaseMax has implemented a license fee structure based on transactions.  This license structure means that you only pay for how much you use CaseMax, regardless of the number of users or firm employees. This per-transaction model gives you the assurance that CaseMax will precisely match your firm’s file volume – the end result is that the license fee complements your business model.

A Business Process Transaction means the creation of a new workflow process in CaseMax which is the result of a new file referral to the firm.


There are direct and indirect costs associated with the implementation of CaseMax. Because CaseMax will likely create positive changes in the way your firm handles certain cases, it is necessary to carefully discover, plan, install and test CaseMax to make sure it works smoothly when it is rolled out.

Costs associated with CaseMax can include, but may not be limited to ,the following areas. These areas will likely take internal resources from your firm and some resources from CaseMax personnel.

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Custom Modifications
  • Testing
  • Training

Maintenance Included

Our maintenance fees are even simpler than our licensing fees – $0. Or stated another way, the license fee outlined above includes maintenance. Yes, that’s right – maintenance is included.

Our transaction-based licensing model provides our users with the assurance that its case management system will be continuously optimized and the latest enhancements made available through regular updates and special releases.

Updates and Feature Requests

Software, like everything else in life, needs to be maintained. It must be kept up-to-date to accommodate updated OS’s and browsers to take advantage of performance and security features. In addition, software must be continually enhanced to accommodate changing business requirements as well as client and investor regulations.

Without on-going maintenance, the system your firm relies on would soon become obsolete which could force a large investment in another system. We will not allow CaseMax to become outdated due to restrictive maintenance agreements – so we kept it simple and built maintenance directly into the license fee.

The Fine Print

(Pssst. There is no fine print.)

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