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CaseMax Reduces the Impact of Complexity

Default loan management is complicated and overwhelming. Adding statutory, regulatory and investor compliance guidelines on top of daily routines requires costly resources and time-intensive oversight. CaseMax provides a powerful, yet intuitive solution to overcome these complexities by allowing your firm to leverage it’s resources for greater efficiency, productivity and ultimately a higher rate of return on your investment.

Major CaseMax Benefits

Reduced Costs
Increased Efficiency
Higher Volume
Greater Throughput

Better Visibility
Easier Audits
More Transparency
Automated Communication

Document Management

  • Fully Integrated Solution – document storage, retrieval and routing
  • Document templates are created in Microsoft Word
    • Business Rules available to control what text is displayed
    • Referral specific data provided through merge fields
    • Attachments are included as part of the template
  • Scanning
    • Barcodes created and read
  • Systematically insert documents
    • Automated processes insert documents such as Military Search Affidavit
  • Document Generation
    • Automated, i.e., no human intervention
    • Manual – One step

Certified Mail Solution

  • Automated Solution is a complete “no touch” solution
  • Certified mail created and reviewed by processor also available
  • Certified mail recipient list available for each document
  • Images may be included
  • Electronic Signatures Available

B2B Communication

NetDirector provides electronic data transfer between the firm and clients, vendors and agencies

  • Foreclosure referrals from all major client websites
  • Milestone completion and re-forecasting updates from CaseMax to client websites
  • Military search of the Department of Defense website
  • Receipt of process server results
  • Documents from client websites

Custom Reporting

  • Standard Reports Provided
  • Customized Reports Available

Develop your own customized reports

  • The firm has complete access to all of its data
  • The CaseMax team may be contracted to develop customized reports

Business Rules Library

More than 450 business rules available for:

  • Task selection within the process maps
  • Document selection
  • Hiding/Showing text within a document
  • Conditions evaluated by business rules
    • Loan type
    • Process type
    • County
    • Client
    • Hearing results
    • Presence or absence of document

TitleData Management

CaseMax has extensive integration with NetDirector – a hosted data exchange environment, and incorporates the following services:

  • CoreLogic VendorScape 4
  • LPS Desktop Process Management
  • LPS Invoice Management
  • ISGN LenStar
  • HUD P260 Portal
  • Bankruptcy PACER Suite (National & Regional)
  • Department of Defense – Military Search
  • SSN Finder
  • Death Search
  • NetExtract (legal description extraction)

These services allow firms to manage data for:

  • Client Profiles
  • County Profiles
  • General Information/Casefile
  • Users and Roles
  • Processes – bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction
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